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Complete Streets – Technical Lunch Meeting


Presenters: Michael Sawyer & Jake Helmboldt

Topic: Complete Streets – Technical Lunch Meeting


Over the next decade, the City will be experience an interesting nexus in transportation between health, economic development, and the environment.

Come hear Mr. Michael Sawyer PE and Mr. Jake Helmboldt AICP talk about what Vision Zero, Healthy Streets, and Smart Cities technology all mean to transportation and how it will shape our built environment.



michael-sawyer-headshotMr. Sawyer has over 25 years of experience in transportation engineering work in the private sector as well as the local, state, regional, tribal, and federal levels of government. He currently serves as the City Transportation Engineer and previously served as the State Highway Safety Engineer. He emphasizes that transportation should serve all users within the City and in particular serve transportation disadvantaged communities who are disabled, elderly, or low income.




Mr. Helmboldt has 16 years of experience working in the private and public sectors to improve the built environment for people who walk and bike. He currently serves as the City Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Trail Coordinator and previously served as the State’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. He emphasizes that planning must be technically sound to effectively implement the Bicycle Master Plan and that all users have a role to play in transforming our safety culture.


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