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The Link Between Planning & Investment at VDOT – Technical Lunch Meeting


Presenters: Terrell Hughes

Topic: The Link Between Planning and Investment at VDOT

If you missed this event or would like to revisit the presentation, please click the link below to download the slides.  Thank you!

Link Between Planning and Investment ASCE 092617


Terrell will be discussing the link between Planning and Investment at VDOT. The programs that will be focused on are STARS, Alternative Intersections and Value Engineering on the planning side and SMART SCALE for the investment side. Terrell will shed some light on how these programs affect the direction of one another as well as his personal experience with these programs.


Terrell Hughes is a professional engineer with over ten years of experience in transportation planning and traffic engineering. Terrell holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech. Terrell has served as the Conceptual Planning Manager for VDOT’s Transportation and Mobility Planning Division since June of last year. In that role, he is involved in the SMART SCALE funding prioritization process, Arterial Preservation, VDOT STARS, and a variety of planning studies. He also currently serves on the VDOT Roundabout Committee and the Innovative Intersection Advocacy Committee. Prior to joining VDOT, Terrell worked as a consultant on a variety of VDOT and locality projects.