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TriAx Geogrid – New Advancements in Onsite Validation of Designs (APLT) – Technical Lunch Meeting


Presenter: Andrew Isenhour, PE

Topic: TriAx Geogrid – New Advancements in Onsite Validation of Design (APLT) – Technical Lunch Meeting

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TriAx Geogrid – 170404 ASCE Richmond


With the present-day issues associated with infrastructure and private development funding, there exists a need to explore innovative methods for designing civil engineering applications including paved and unpaved roads. Geogrid reinforcement is a well-established solution for challenges associated with the construction of roads, particularly over soft soils. However, their consideration as a conventional means to design a flexible pavement has been somewhat limited due to lack of full-scale evidence and relatively simplistic empirical design approaches. With the advent  of mechanistic-empirical design methods for pavements, Tensar® devoted significant resources to understanding how their systems perform in full-scale such that design theory could be validated and translated into usable tools for the civil engineering public. The main goal of this presentation is to provide an overview of the newest technology to practicing pavement engineers of the design of paved and unpaved roadways using Tensar’s TriAx® Geogrid and to equip them with these design tools necessary to implement these design approaches.



Mr. Isenhour is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering and Management and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of North Carolina.  He has experience in General Construction on NHRMC and UNCW’s campus.  Mr. Isenhour also worked in Land Development design and Construction Materials Testing on various projects in the Wilmington, NC area.  Andrew resides in Wilmington, NC and manages roadway applications for Tensar across VA, DC, NC and SC which includes TriAx® geogrid and biaxial (BX) geogrid products, as well as GlasGrid® and GlasPave® asphalt interlayer products.

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