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VDOT Bridge Management & Restoration – Technical Lunch Meeting


If you missed this event or would like to revisit the presentation, please click the link below to download the slides. Thank you!


Abstract of Discussion:

VDOT maintains over 19,000 bridges and large culverts, with an average age of 47 years. The vast majority of these structures were designed with a 50 year service life. But the cost of replacing structures is prohibitive, so it’s vital that we employ timely preservation techniques to maximize available funding. VDOT has adopted a systematic approach to bridge management that uses targeted repairs in conjunction with materials and details that will prolong the service lives of existing structures. By strategically targeting vulnerable areas and addressing the causes of deterioration, VDOT is taking steps to sustain and even improve its inventory of aging structures. This approach uses business principals to get the most utility from available resources to maintain the long-term safety and quality of this vital public resource.


Adam Matteo, PE

As Assistant State Structure and Bridge Engineer for Bridge Maintenance Mr. Matteo is responsible for planning, budgeting and establishing policy for the maintenance of over 19,000 of Virginia’s highway bridges and large culverts. He has 29 years of engineering experience in structural design, bridge maintenance and construction management. Before joining VDOT he worked as an engineering consultant, where he was responsible for the management of an office that performed bridge design, bridge inspection and bridge maintenance services in the mid-Atlantic region.


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Virginia, 1984

Master of Science, Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993


Registered in Virginia and California