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Current Projects

  1. Collaboration with Engineers Without Borders , Hampton RoadsEWRI Virginia has joined hands with EWB Hampton Roads (HRP) to provide assistance on a Water supply project in Zambia. The project is based at Josephine Fogg School in Kafue, Zambia and will impact more than 600 students and 20 teachers. Currently there is an issue of water supply shortage during the dry summer season. EWB-HRP sent an assessment team to Zambia in September 2014. The purpose of this assessment trip was to meet the community, key stakeholders in the project and gather data and evaluate the existing water supply and borehole. EWB in collaboration with EWRI Virginia is in the process of assessing various alternative solutions and plans to send a team for implementation during spring 2015.The project is in need of more volunteers to work on the technical, administrative and funding aspects. If you wish to get involved, kindly contact one of the EWRI officers.
  2. EWRI- TALK (Webinar series)The EWRI Richmond, VA chapter in association with other chapters across United States is in the process of organizing a national webinar series. The topics of webinar series will range from hydrology, hydraulics, stream morphology, storm water, water & sanitation, clean tech, drinking water and waste water, innovations in environmental technologies, etc.We are looking for volunteers to join us be a part of this newly conceptualized webinar series “EWRI-TALK”. Also, if you are interested in being a speaker, kindly provide us with the title and a brief summary of your topic. For any further questions contact EWRI officers
  3. Technical Sessions (Guest Lecture)The EWRI Virginia in association with ASCE Richmond branch plans to organize luncheon and dinner seminars once every quarter for the 2015 annual year. Suggestions are welcome for guest lecture speaker. The seminar will be attended by professionals from the field of Civil and Environmental, Hydraulics, and Water Resources.Keep checking the home page of ASCE Richmond for the next technical session event.
  4. Water-Allies ( WASH Initiative) ( water-allies.org)As one of its prime mission, EWRI harbor an ambition to bring more sustainable and indigenous solutions to the water and sanitation issues prevalent across undeveloped and developing nations. Water-Allies is an initiative to develop an online repository of active NGOs/NPOs and developmental organizations working on improving water and sanitation (WAS) conditions for communities in India.In phase I of this project, we have collaborated with five nonprofits (NPOs) working in different parts of India. During the next phase, we plan to introduce these NPOs to developmental entities and build long term association with each other. This project has the potential of bringing more technical and funding resources to the nonprofits that share the common WASH goals.  Keep looking this page for more updates on this project.  An exclusive website will be launched soon.