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Created in 1999, the Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) is a civil engineering specialty institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). EWRI services are designed to complement ASCE’s traditional civil engineering base and to attract new categories of members (non-civil engineer allied professionals) who seek to enhance their professional and technical development in the field of environmental and water resources.

EWRI was formed in keeping with the Strategic Plan of ASCE to provide improved and comprehensive products and services to a variety of engineering teams working in technical, educational, and professional areas. Former ASCE Technical Division enrollees (Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Water Resources Planning and Management – as well as the Water and Environmental Standards Council), form EWRI’s approximately 26,000 person membership base. The former Divisions and Council have a long and successful record of performance.

The EWRI’s vision is to be a recognized worldwide leader within ASCE for the integration of the technical expertise and public policy into the planning, design, construction and operation of environmentally sound and sustainable infrastructure impacting air, land, and water resources. With these visions in mind EWRI Virginia chapter was initiated in the year 2014. EWRI is committed to:

  • Collaborative partnerships
  • A diverse and empowered membership
  • Excellence in products and services
  • Innovative programs and solutions

The mission of EWRI Virginia is to provide technical, educational and professional needs of its members; promotes the sustainable use, conservation, and protection of natural resources; improve community based practices and promote human well-being by:

  • Partnering with national and international organizations
  • Advancing the knowledge and improving the understanding of relevant sciences
  • Improving the practice of engineering
  • Providing public policy input to governmental decision-makers

In February 2014, the Environmental & Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-EWRI) officially declared the formation of EWRI Richmond, Virginia chapter. The new chapter welcomes engineers, young professionals, hydrologists, geomorphologists, researchers, academicians and experts who wish to contribute towards this Environmental & Water Field. EWRI with support from ASCE Richmond plans to organize Technical session dinners, webinar series and partnership with other organizations for providing assistance on environmental and water issues.