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Are You Interested? Structural Dynamics & Software Applications Seminar

To Our Richmond Structural Engineers:  Loai El-Gazairly, Ph.D., P.E. an Associate with Whitman, Requardt & Associates (WRA) is willing to present a series of evening seminars, along with software applications, related to structural dynamics.  The series is aimed at helping the engineer to analyze and design structures that are subjected to dynamic/earthquake loadings.  At the end of the series, the engineer will be able to use the presented material to calculate/use earthquake participation factors, structure mass participation, modal truncation approach, and required design forces.   Professional PDH’s hours will be  provided.  The series is directed towards more practical application rather than theoretical mathematical development. The series is also open for non-structural engineers who are interested in the subject.

The series will cover the following:

  • Single-degree of freedom systems (theory and application)
  • Multi-degrees of freedom systems (matrix approach)
  • Free Vibration analysis and Eigen solution
  • Introduction to linear Response Spectrum Analysis (RSA) with computer applications
  • Linear Time History Analysis with computer application

If you are interested is such series, please check the survey box so we will have a count for interested attendees.