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September Technical Meeting – Permeable Pavements


Presentation Topic: Permeable Pavements


Parking lots are major sources of stormwater pollution. When precipitation runs off a conventional, impervious parking lot it carries with it a wide range of pollutants, such as debris, metals (brake linings) and hydrocarbons (oils and grease). Polluted stormwater runoff eventually finds its way into streams, rivers and lakes.

The use of pervious concrete is recognized by the EPA as a BMP. It is fast becoming a material of choice for the construction of parking area pavements.

A pervious concrete system can be designed to address the EPA water quality and quantity requirements by reducing or eliminating the amount of runoff and the level of pollution in the stormwater runoff from a property.

Presenter: William Denison Jr., CCPf

Speaker Bio:

William B. Denison has more than 38 years of experience with advanced concrete technology. He is a published expert in this subject, which involves understanding the dynamics of thermal gradients and how to control these temperature differentials for each cast-in-place geometric element. Mr. Denison has experience implementing modeling to demonstrate thermal calculations, thermal differentials, and maximum temperature rise prior to producing mock up concrete. He develops thermal concrete mix designs, thermal plans, modeling, and performs Thermal analysis.

He has extensive experience in developing 300+ year service life Marine and Flexural pavement designs with Rapid Chloride Permeability results as low as 50 Coulombs and his Pervious concrete expertise and research has been published by ASTM International.

Mr. Denison is a Professional Post Tension specialist in High Rise, Bridge, and Roadway structures involving cable installation, Monitoring, Elongation Calculations and Stressing

He currently serves as the Construction Materials Testing Department Manager for the ECS MID-ATLANTIC, LLC Chesapeake office and is an Adjunct Professor in Civil Engineering Technologies at Tidewater Community College since 1990. He is active with the ASCE Student Chapter at Old Dominion University and works with the Higher Education STEM Educators and Students.

Mr. Denison serves on ASTM Main Committees, A-1 Reinforcing Steel, C-1 Cement, C-9 Concrete and Aggregates, and C-12 Masonry and Grout. He is on the Virginia Ready Mix Concrete Association Technical Committee, and the Civil Engineering Technologies Board of Advisors for Civil Engineering between TCC and ODU.

When: Thursday, September 30th, 2021 at 12:00 PM.

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